The Best of Curry On 2015

If you haven’t heard, Curry On is a new conference (first time this year), which took place in Prague earlier in July. Despite its age, many good speakers happened to be there. Here is the list of my favorite talks. Disclaimer: your experience may vary.

1. Pull Push: Please stop polluting our imperative languages with pure concepts

by Ron Pressler (45 min)

2. Some Things That Macros Do

by Zach Tellman (40 min)

3. Pony: Making it easy to write efficient, concurrent, data race free programs

by Sylvan Clebsch, Sebastian Blessing (46 min)

4. [Keynote] What – if anything – have we learned from C++?

by Bjarne Stroustrup (1 hour 30 min)

This is my fantastic four. However, I also enjoyed the talk about dependent types in Idris, tips for VM writers and user-focused design in Elm.


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