The Best of Erlang Factory SF Bay 2016

Annual Erlang Factory SF Bay Area 2016 conference ended only 3 weeks ago. There were many great speakers and presentations. What I specifically like about it, is that videos are available almost immediately. As usual, I am publishing the talks, which I liked the most. Hope you’ll enjoy these too. Disclaimer: your experience may vary.

1. Jamshid Mahdavi - An Erlang based Philosophy for Service Reliability 1

by Jamshid Mahdavi, WhatsApp Inc. (45 min)

Great talk from the WhatsApp engineer on how they make this app so bulletproof.

2. A Brief History of Time

by Fred Hebert aka ferd (45 min)

An excursion into the history of different civilizations and their calendars. Fascinating!

3. Reactive Programming With Elixir And RethinkDB

by Peter Hamilton, RethinkDB (36 min)

Peter talks about one of the ways to build a reliable processing pipeline which stores intermediate results inside RethinkDB. You will need something like this if it’s undesirable to restart the whole pipeline from the beginning.

4. Keynote Phoenix and Elm – Making the Web Functional

by Chris McCord and Evan Czaplicki (55 min)

Feel free to skip the Elm part if you are already familiar with this language.

5. High Performance Erlang Pitfalls and Solutions

by MZSPEED team, MachineZone Inc. (47 min)

How would you build a fast data processing system in Erlang? The presenters tell a story about their attempts in building one and the difficulties they faced along the way.

Also there were 2 talks on NixOS, which seems interesting.

If are planning to use Kafka with Erlang, you should probably watch this talk.


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