The Best of Clojure/west 2016

I’ve recently decided to give Clojure another try and, as a part of my wanderings, watched talks from Clojure/west 2016. Clojure/west is the biggest Clojure conference in the western United States and all about this language, as you may guess.

As usual, I am publishing the talks, which I liked the most. Hope you’ll enjoy these too. Disclaimer: your experience may vary.

1. Managing One of the World’s Largest Clojure Code Bases

by Donevan Dolby (41 min)

Never would have thought that Clojure could be a part of an airplane’s software (Boeing 737 Max).

2. Parallel Programming, Fork Join, and Reducers

by Daniel Higginbotham (41 min)

Daniel is an author of “Clojure for the brave and true”. He talks about approaches to parallel programming (thread management, task decomposition) and fork/join framework. He is also fun to watch, so go watch it right now.

3. Types are like the Weather, Type Systems are like Weathermen

by Matthias Felleisen (1 hour 15 min)

Types for untyped languages:

4. One Million Clicks per Minute with Kafka and Clojure

by Devon Peticolas (31 min)

I like talks where you see the gradual improvement of the code (Kafka’s consumer in this case).

Devon finishes his talk with the thought that Clojure could potentially become the main language for stream processing applications and solutions (Onyx), because of it’s Java interop and Lisp’s expressiveness. What do you think?


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