5 New Tab Google Chrome extensions for productivity freaks

1. Mortality

“Mortality is a new tab extension that reminds you of your precise age. A bitter-sweet motivational tool; it illustrates how little time we have. Circles represent months, for the average lifespan of 80 years. As you age, the circles fill, and are split into the main Chapters of your life.”

My current one. Highly motivating.


2. Motivation

If Mortality is too much for you, try this small extension. Just a counter, nothing more.


3. Dayboard - New Tab Page

ToDo list.

Focus mode allow you to focus on a particular task. In some way, it combines Momentum and Wunderlist together, but lacks Momentum’s wallpaper and Wunderlist sync.


4. Wunderlist New Tab

ToDo list with a background


5. Momentum

Personal dashboard with a different wallpaper every day, ability to set a daily goal and other features. There is a new extension, Leoh, which is similar to Momentum, but more minimalistic and streamlined.


Hope you will find something for you. Cheers!


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