The Best of Erlang User Conference 2016

Videos from Erlang User Conference 2016 are up. Thank you to organizers for sharing them with the community.

As usual, I am publishing the talks, which I liked the most. Hope you’ll enjoy these too. Disclaimer: your experience may vary.

1. Erlang and Deep Learning

by Garrett Smith (47 min)

An example of a very good presentation. After watching, I immediately wanted to learn more about deep learning.

2. Rethinking the Language Runtime for Scale

by Christopher Meiklejohn (45 min)

Christopher continues his series of presentations about the Lasp lang and its runtime system.

3. Going Barking Mad with DalmatinerDB

by Steven Acreman and Heinz Gies (42 min)

4. Think Outside the VM: Unobtrusive Performance Measurement

by Julian Squires (44 min)

Want more?

If you are an Erlang/Elixir/LFE developer and want to help, watch How things are, and how they could be by Fred Hebert.

Russel Brown has a nice talk on CRDT in Riak - what they’ve already implemented and future plans.

If you don’t know what LFE is, watch LFE: A Real Lisp in the Erlang Ecosystem by Robert Virding.


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