The Best of Strange Loop 2016

Strange Loop is one of my top 5 most beloved conferences. You can find all the 63 videos on YouTube. Again, thank you to organizers for sharing them. I think, I have found real gems for you guys. Disclaimer: your experience may vary.

1. Agility & Robustness: Clojure spec

by Stuart Halloway (40 min)

2. Reasoning about performance (in the context of search)

by Dan Luu (30 min)

3. Point-Free or Die: Tacit Programming in Haskell and Beyond

by Amar Shah (36 min)

4. GraphQL: Designing a Data Language

by Lee Byron (40 min)

5. Runtime scheduling: theory and reality

by Eben Freeman (42 min)

Want more?

If you are curious about data structures, watch “Exotic Functional Data Structures: Hitchhiker Trees” by David Greenberg.

There is a nice intro to data processing systems - “Deep dive into Unbounded Data Processing Systems” by Monal Daxini. Apparently, Netflix is switching from their own custom solution, which uses Kafka and Samza, to Flink and thinking about Apache Beam.

If you are writing distributed task scheduler, watch “Building a Distributed Task Scheduler With Akka, Kafka, and Cassandra” by David van Geest.

If you want to know how Golang detect data races (hint: using vector clocks), take a look at ““go test -race” Under the Hood” by Kavya Joshi.

And there is one more good talk on CQRS and Event Sourcing by Bobby Calderwood.


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