Bus to Monte Alban

Cheap local direct bus to Monte Alban, Oaxaca

You can buy tickets either at Hotel Rivera (Mina street 518) or at Mina street number 501. The buses leave from Mina 501, which is just off Diaz Ordaz.

Frequency: every hour.

To From
8:30 12:00
9:30 13:00
10:30 14:00
11:30 15:00
12:30 16:00
13:30 17:00
14:30 17:00
15:30 17:00

Cost: 55 pesos per person, round trip (you can take any return bus you want; last one - 5pm) Duration: 20-25 minutes Tel.: 5166175

The bus stops at the lower parking lot, which is about a 5 minute walk up the hill to the upper parking lot, and then up some stairs to the entrance.

Monte Alban

Entrance fee: 75 pesos


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