Monthly Art #30

This is a monthly “newsletter”, containing a list of what I enjoyed the most last month. Whether it was a full length movie, short film, music album, book or even a painting.

Belgrade, Serbia (2018)

What I am reading

I discovered the best investing bits of advice here (note that I haven’t read Benjamin Graham’s The Intelligent Investor yet).

It is good to remind yourself of what’s important once in a while. It’s so easy to get distracted in the modern world.

Another long read from one of my favorite authors.

In short, you do a deep self-analysis and find out what you want, then sort (according to priority), then you find the intersection between what you want and what the market offers, set clear goals and buckle down.

But I strongly recommend you to read this article, especially if you’re still not sure about your career.

What I am watching

A very light, inspirational documentary about 2 friends trying to bring more smiles to this world through photography.


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