Apps for a distributed team

Thought I would share applications that we’ve been using at Tendermint and/or I can recommend for any folks distributed around the world.

1) Comms

Here, Slack is the King.

Slack plugins

Video conferencing

Zoom. There are others obviously, but Zoom usually performs better, especially when the Internet connection is unstable. It is not working well on ze linuxs.


Looks promising

2) Timezones pain killers

3) Project management

This category is tough. When it comes to planning, I personally like to keep things simple. Trello or Github Project Board provide a good enough board with columns and cards. That’s it.

If you need more heavy stuff, Jira seems to be the most popular choice.

Basecamp should be considered too. Beside project organization, it has team organization, status updates and document storage. Now, team org can be a spreadsheet in Google Docs, where it along with other docs will be stored. The final choice is up to you of course.

4) Expenses

Do you have something to add? You can leave a comment here or reach out to me via almost any social network.


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