Monthly Art #36

This is a monthly “newsletter”, containing a list of what I enjoyed the most last month. Whether it was a full length movie, short film, music album, book or even a painting.

What I am watching

Perfection raised to a degree of religion, true craftsmanship. I’ve learned so much from this movie. First, pay attention to details (e.g., the way Jiro varies sushi size depending on the size of person’s mouth). Second, never stop learning and experimenting. And lastly, be passioned about what you do.

Discovered this through YouTube suggestions. Wow

“Instead of drugs, try boredom. It is hard to find meaning as you broad your horizons.”

Nothing special here I guess, but if you think about the story of Arnold Schwarzenegger, it’s impressive what the man has done.

Full interview Part 1 Full interview Part 2

What I am reading

“The only person you really work for is you.”

“When you sell yourself to someone for regular hours and a paycheck, they want to exploit what you already know to grow profits. They don’t care about you getting better.”

Although there are companies (especially in the IT sector), that do care about your career path, in most cases the responsibility is still yours.

So long


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