Monthly Art #49

This is a monthly “newsletter”, containing a list of what I enjoyed the most last month. Whether it was a full length movie, short film, music album, book or even a painting.

What I am watching

Every now and then I feel like I can’t be surprised any more. But then comes a documentary or a book which just blows my mind. This is certainly one of those. A painter from Oslo meets a thief who stole two of her paintings. Over time they become close friends helping each other through dark times.

“Through Darkness Comes Light, Through Fear Comes Love and Through Pain Comes Triumph” Mary Paleologos.

What I am reading

A little bit outdated, but still worth reading if you haven’t seen it.

“While it is emphatically true that “everyone coordinating with everyone” leads to much better outcomes than “every man for himself”, what that does NOT imply is that each individual step toward more coordination is necessarily beneficial. If coordination is improved in an unbalanced way, the results can easily be harmful.”

So long


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