Monthly Art #52

This is a monthly “newsletter”, containing a list of what I enjoyed the most last month. Whether it was a full length movie, short film, music album, book or even a painting.

I know it’s been a long time, but this year is absolutely nuts. I’m going to write a separate post with my thoughts.

What I am watching

“Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, became obsessed with YouTube at a young age. From his early days making gaming videos to the massively viral Squid Game video, Jimmy has built a viral video empire based on the joy he gets from helping others. In this documentary “Beyond the Spotlight: Mr. Beast” you will hear his story straight from him and his closest friends and family.”

“I wanted to know why the bread in Europe tastes so much better than the bread in America, so I went to Paris to find out.”

I’ve become a huge fan of Lex’s podcast last year. The man is a productivity monster. For anyone curious how he does all his work, this video is a perfect glimpse in his life.

What I am reading

So long


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